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Marketing Events & Conferences in London 2016

London Marketing EventsFinding good marketing events, especially in the UK can be difficult. In this article we will go through the top 5 marketing events in London and why we recommend attending these.

Festival of Marketing | 5-6 October 2016

Festival of marketing is a mix of networking, conferences, talks, workshops and everything in-between. With over 200 speakers scheduled for the 2 day event in October, there is a big chance you will find some new strategies to implement for your business, or a creative new look at what you are currently doing. They have a variety or tickets (passes) ranging from £695+VAT to £995+VAT. Relatively cheap for a 2 day marketing conference.

Search Love | 17-18 October 2016

Search Love is a digital marketing based conference headed up by the DM agency Distilled. Distilled is a London based agency, but with worldwide reach and global recognition. The speakers include members of the agency itself as well as the CEO Will Critchlow. The event itself is a staged conference, although in the evenings there is more of a relaxed party atmosphere to the entire event. Prices start at around £695 and are fairly similar to the festival of marketing’s price points.

Mind the Product | 10 September 2016

Mind the product is Silicon valley based start-up mentor-ship programme. Over the past few years they have branched out of San Francisco and the start-up hub that it is, and moved through some of the biggest cities in the world. This will be the 5th event in London this year and It’s sure to be one of the biggest for start-up entrepreneurs (maybe with the exception of the below.) Unlike the previous 2 conferences this isn’t purely a marketing event as such, it involves how to launch your product, design, creation processes, scaling and everything to do with running and building a successful start-up. Prices range from £400-£450.

Start-up Grind Europe | 15 June 2016

Another San Fran, Silicon valley conference that has made its way to the UK. This event is based in Westminster and has some of the biggest names in business speaking. Eric Schmidt, from Alphabet Inc (who own Google), as well as a number of other seriously successful businessmen and women. Their primary aim is to educate and inspire start-up businesses looking to hit the ground running. Coming from the SF, I would personally highly recommend this conference. Prices range from £151-£383, which is a steal for the amount of net-worth that will be speaking at this event.

TedX | 17 June 2016

2 Days after the start-up grind, TedX will be conducting their event at the Science museum in London. Although not strictly a business or marketing talk, Ted talks have been globally recognised as the pinnacle of on-stage talks. Usually live streamed and recorded if you miss the event you can just find it on Youtube a few hours later. The speakers range from Stephen Hawking all the way through to Al Murray. The diversity and range of topics at Ted talks is what makes them so great, young, old, business, art, comedy, the talks are sure to bring a crowd.

TBD will be aiming to attend all of these events and we hope to see you there too.

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