Top 10 items that will help keep your employees fit & healthy

Employee happiness is at the forefront for the branding division, as it is for many companies in 2016. Happiness leads to better efficiency in the office, as well as improving the overall progress of the company. In this article we will be outlining the top 10 items you can recommend to your employees to keep them Fit & Healthy. This includes apps, gadgets and much more.

Top 10 items that will help keep your employees fit, healthy and most importantly….. Happy!

  1. Bonuses – It’s as old as the salary itself. Giving your employees a bonus at the end of the year (as well as for completing important tasks on time) will motivate them during the off-time or when an important task is around the corner. Ideally these bonuses should be related to the employee but can just be cash in many cases.
  2. Gifts – Again a very similar concept to the above but these should be high quality gifts to each of your employees on specific occasions. For example remembering an employees birthday will give you a chance to get them a nice gift that will not only motivate your employee to work harder day to day but will also improve your relationship with the office or workforce itself. Just remember to never forget!
  3. Relay There are a number of fitness employee based apps but this is our number 1. Relay is an app that calculates the distance you’ve walked, calories burnt and much more. Making this a contest in the office can improve communication as well as overall health.
  4. No Dress Code – Have a relaxed attitude to the dress code. A person’s quality of work is not directly related to the clothes they wear. This is an extremely outdated concept and one I am surprised still goes on today in the corporate world!
  5. Add Benefits – Such as health care, dental and other benefits that the employee will receive regardless of their position in the company. Everyone is part of the team and if you truly believe this, then you will have no qualms in adding benefits to your employees for free.
  6. Be Flexible – Offer employees the ability to work overtime if needed and not forcing them to do it without permission. Also allow employees days off without much notice. Don’t make a big deal of the little things!
  7. Offer Promotions – In the form of increased responsibility and pay. This is an easy way to see if employees are interested in your company in general or just a paycheck at the end of the month.
  8. Inform Employees – Ensure they know what you are trying to achieve in the company. If you are looking to take on new clients in a specific sector then tell all of your employees, not just your sales team.
  9. Keep in Touch or Open – Keep your door open to the employees that want to talk to you. Sometimes going to the boss can be hard so stay open to them and stay in touch when needed.
  10. Communicate – Ask individuals what they would like out of a company. Generally the more the better. There is no harm in listening to each employee for a few minutes a month on what they would like from the company!
andrewTop 10 items that will help keep your employees fit & healthy

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