The Importance of Digital Branding

Digital Branding is the online brand image of a company. How a company looks online, can vary very much to how it looks in print marketing or other marketing formats. The brand image can affect the view of your company in the eyes of the public, with over 85% of people saying they would trust a company with a strong online presence over one without one and this number is only likely to grow in the digital generation age.

The video below explains the importance brand imaging plays in the minds of your customers.

Although social media plays a big role in online company branding, it is not the only aspect to consider when utilising online marketing. Brand recognition through ranking in the search engines is also extremely important, if your site can’t be found when your prospects are searching, you are losing out on flood of potential clients and customers.

Digital Branding London

Digital Branding

If your business can afford both a PR / Marketing consultancy and a branding agency, we strongly recommend both to work closely to mould the image of the business into one that people respect and more importantly TRUST. This trust will then help convert potential clients into profitable, paying customers.

andrewThe Importance of Digital Branding

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