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3 must have corporate gifts for a Summer in London

Corporate GiftsSummer in London is great, hundreds of things to do, great events and thousands of restaurants and bars to sit outside and enjoy the sun (as much as possible.) But business must continue, so in this article we are going to outline the top 3 corporate gifts for summer.

Hats / Caps

It’s a obvious, relatively cheap product to produce, but the number of eyeballs that see it will be very high. Whether baseball or flat cap your company’s employees will love a free cap and they will wear them to give you free publicity!


Our wide range of bags means we can produce a product for almost any budget and need. From Jute bags all the way through to high quality travel rucksacks we can brand these in the style and colours of your business. We can even create a branding campaign around a laptop bag, this means when you are travelling in the sun you can travel in style as well as representing your business at the same time. It’s a win win.

Sports T-shirts

Nothing new here but extremely effective in the summer. Hopefully we will have a great hot summer here in London, and when its hot no one is going to wear a suit or a jacket, instead they are just going to walk around in a Tee. We can take advantage of this by creating high quality, comfy t-shirts that not only keep you cool, but also promote the business at the same time.

andrew3 must have corporate gifts for a Summer in London

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