Computing To and From London | 5 Useful Tips

London is the business hub of the UK and Europe. Growing at a rapid rate means more and more individuals living on the outskirts of the city and commuting to work everyday. Getting into and out of London can be an absolute chore! But luckily there are some smart ways to get around, even if you haven’t lived in the city before.

Uber1.) Uber & Taxis

Uber is a great way to get around in London now. Faster, easier and cheaper than your average London taxi driver (and happier too) means this is definitely the way of the future. Instead of waiting in line for a taxi or having to flag one down, simply order through the app 3-4 minutes before you are leaving your destination and you will get a notification when it arrives, easy as that!

2.) Just Don’t Drive

If you are still one of the few individuals who tries to drive into the heart of central London then it might be time to stop. The congestion charges are already extremely high, and with the time and petrol you waste by simply sitting in traffic, it’s a lose-lose situation. Instead if you can bear it, then take a look at the cycling routes that are now available around the center of the city, and if you must drive then at least avoid the 3 hours around rush hour! Get in early, finish late! You’ll get home at roughly the same time and your boss will love you too!

Underground3.) Underground Basics

Learn the underground (even if you don’t use it on a day to day basis.) Having lived in London for a small period of time I quickly found that although I didn’t actually need to use the underground, it would be so much easier if I just put £20 on my card and used it when I was tired. When you are a tourist in the city as well its an easy way to get around from sight to sight. But more than that, knowing your way around one of the busiest and biggest cities in the world isn’t a bad idea generally.

4.) Stay Safe

It’s only a matter of time before you lose something in this city. With the speed at which everything moves, a left bag or a misplaced phone will be gone in seconds never to be seen again. But aside from the obvious keeping everything on you at all times, there are a few gadgets that help you with safety. For example the Nokia tag finder (Just don’t lose the part that connects to your phone!) You can also look into items like the notebook lock which is a way to extra-secure those valuable laptop documents.

Travel Light5.) Speed is Everything | Travel Light

Our final tip is about speed and how to travel in this city. Only take the absolute necessaries that you need to make it around the city. Remember that in one of the biggest and busiest cities in the world, you are only a train ride from anything you need to get anyway! So travel light and keep up the speed of movement. People in London are generally “always in a rush” and hence avoiding the rush hours is your best bet, if you can’t do this then remember to stay moving and travel light!

andrewComputing To and From London | 5 Useful Tips

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