Business Conferences in London in 2016

We recently posted an article on the top marketing events in London for the remainder of 2016. In this article we are going to talk on a more broad scale of the top business conferences available in London in the same time.


Although the Agile conference can be deemed slightly outdated, the content available is still relevant for businesses who need to increase their sales (who doesn’t.) As a result it sits #1 on our list. Held in Bishop’s gate on the 5-6th October Agile has a wide range of talks with over 25 speakers booked currently. The prices start from £280 for a single day at the event and range up to £520 for a single ticket for the entire event.

Business ConferencesThe Business Show 2016

Tagged as one of the largest business networking events in the UK, the business show has been running for over 5 years with the expected attendance this year to be around 25,000 businesses! As well as the lectures themselves they also run masterclasses, exhibitions and networking sessions, as well as a large after party in central London. The event runs from the 17-18th November in the Olympia. You can find out more by visiting their site. Tickets range from Free to £500+ for VIP/extras.

Hackney Entrepreneurship Day 2016

A relatively new event that is in its infancy. Based around the younger, upcoming business community in Hackney and the surrounding areas. The conference itself is based on building a business from the ground up, without a lot of capital to start, this is perfect for the young business owner who needs a bit of motivation to kick-start their business, and a few tips on how to optimise the entire process of building a successful business. The tickets are 100% free, although they are selling quick. Check out Eventbrite for more information.


The most fun you can have at a business conference. The content itself is centred around how to build and scale a business, with an emphasis on how to streamline marketing efforts to automate sales. Such as ranking in Google, setting up sales funnels and how to build highly converting websites. As well as all of the great information, some of the most successful internet marketers are also at these events which is a great way to network and find successful advertisers to market your business. Ungagged starts in the Grange city hotel, but goes through the night in most cases. Prices start at £800 and go up to £1100 for the single day event.

andrewBusiness Conferences in London in 2016

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