Brand Management in “generic” or “boring” Industries

When you say the phrase branding agency, you instantly think of shiny building and middle aged men smoking cigars…AKA Mad men. But the truth is branding and advertising have changed a lot over the course of the last 50 years. For starters you don’t have to own a million dollar company to run a brand management campaign, you can start small and market to a refined audience. This way all of your advertising and marketing pounds are being spent in the right way, with little wastage.

Mad Men

But a question that’s often asked is how do you run a successful branding campaign when the industry your working in isn’t “new” or “shiny”. It’s pretty easy to market for Apple, the world’s leading brand… But when you get to a medium sized company with approximately £10-100k to spend, then the task becomes more difficult.

I’m going to talk about 3 tips to add a spark to your branding.

1.) Don’t Do Everything.

If you’ve been in business for over 5 years, you will know its impossible to do everything (from a branding point of view). If you try to manage a facebook account, email list, twitter accounts, instagram, pinterest, myspace (remember that) and who knows what else, chances are you will get bogged down and not do any of them in the correct way.

Instead, understand WHERE your potential clients and customers would be and utilise this medium. For example if you are in a “serious” industry such as accounting or the legal services, then chances are your potential prospects aren’t going to be hanging out on instagram and pinterest. Instead they will probably be on larger social networks, such as Facebook and Twitter, so create these and MARKET to your prospects in your area or industry.

Whereas if you are an interior designer, and you want to grow your following, then instagram and pinterest are the top places you should be! You can combine this with Twitter as well, but the majority of your “effort” should go into adding daily posts to Pinterest and Instagram.

2.) Be Creative

This one is obvious. The more creative you are, the more memorable you will be to your target audience. Although there are a few tips to remember here: 1.) Don’t try and be “funny”. According to David Ogilvy of Ogilvy and Mather, the biggest advertising failures have come from agencies trying to create funny ads. People might laugh at them, but who really wants your prospects to laugh at your product? And secondly be short. Don’t drag on in your marketing messages, be short and concise. We do this. You receive this. Done.

3.) Support & Speed

Finally support! And more importantly speed of support. A company that has a good brand but if known for poor support, will more often than not be considered “weak” when it comes to truly helping their customers. Support is the number 1 ranked reason people STAY with a brand. And its 9 times easier to sell to someone already with your brand than it is to get a new client! So keeping a client can be as profitable as gaining a new one!

andrewBrand Management in “generic” or “boring” Industries

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