Top 10 promotional products for your next corporate event.

There are a number of items you can use to promote your company, from pens and paper to giant hot air balloons. At the branding division we aim to make anything you can think of possible, supplying and creating some extraordinary promotional products for companies of all sizes. Below is our list of the top 10 promotional products you can use at your next corporate event, these are twists on the basics as well as some extravagant ideas.

Laser pen pointerLaser pen pointers

Pens are probably one of the staple promotional products that 99% of companies looking for a brand management campaign request. The only issue is generally they are “throw away-able”, which means the second they run out or even just get lost, people won’t remember to use them or won’t care and just throw them away. The solution is to improve this by adding a laser pointer, which can be used when delivering talks or presentations. This means your company’s brand and logo might make it onto a business conference stage without you even knowing.

Shaped Memory Sticks

Unlike your generic rectangle memory stick that will probably be unused by your clients and potential customers alike, a shape memory stick catches the attention of anyone who sees it. These can be developed at a relatively low cost and can be moulded to feature your business’s main product or service. For example the below.

Memory Stick

Shaped Mascots

Depending on your budget and business style, shaped mascots can be a huge talking point and go viral on social media, as well as looking great around the office. We have produced a campaign for the company Gamesys for their mascots which involved shaping plastic before hand painting to deliver the below perfect replica of their animated mascots.


Re-charging Units

Whether these be the ones that charge your laptop, charge your phone or simply charge your charger, these items are extremely useful. I know personally I visited a digital marketing conference in Brighton in 2015 and picked up a Bing re-charging unit for my phone. It comes on all short weekend and long travel days with me and the best part is, it was 100% free. Close to 1,000 people have probably seen it on the train and at events, so these £5-10 brand management campaign has clearly worked for the Bing company.


Perfect for London and anywhere in the UK as we aren’t blessed with the best weather in the world. Perfect for outdoor events where it has a high chance of rain. Thousands of umbrellas are sold at these events and spending an extra few pennies on branding these correctly and making them high quality so people will in fact take them home and use them makes this so much more profitable in the long run.

Card / Travel Card Holders

Again something we have run for the team at Gamesys, which you can see below. These slim wallets are again useful, which is the key to any promotional product. Anyone who uses their travel card or ID on a regular basis knows that finding it in your wallet, and then scanning it is just time consuming. These wallets although individuals to just scan directly through the material, hence saving them time and getting in front of everyone in the process.



Not something that most people would think about ever making a promotional product. But whether this be a present to a client or for your office, branded chairs and tables make the entire company seem more professional. These can range in price from £20 to £2,000 for ergonomic chairs. These chairs have huge benefits in the workplace outside of just looking good!

Plush ToysPlush Toys

Extremely effective if you are a family friend brand, but also can be used for almost any event, industry or conference. These need to be fully research before going ahead, but can also be offered free in return for a purchase. Such as the annoying insurance adverts that promote a free meerkat with each policy.

Pads & Notepads

Again a sample in most branding campaigns, but for individuals in the office or on the road alot, you can never have too many notepads. These will be seen by a large audience as well as used by a high percentage of the individuals you give this product too.


Don’t under-estimate a good T shirt design. We have brands who only have their logo printed on clothing and go on to sell thousands of units in weekend events. This works particularly well if the event has a large and loyal following, but even if you are a smaller company you can have more and more people looking at your brand simply by sending these to your friends, family and employees.

andrewTop 10 promotional products for your next corporate event.

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