7 Tips to Build your Personal Brand

7 Tips to Build your Personal Brand

7 Tips to Build your Personal BrandThere are a number of increasingly popular personal brands floating around the business world. The first that comes to mind is Gary Vaynerchuk, a social media based marketing genius that has been building his personal brand for over 7 years and now has an extremely popular youtube show named “ask gary vee” and millions of subscribers, followers and fans worldwide in the business industry.

Although you might not be the next Gary Vee, it’s important to build your personal brand as well as your business brand. Below are 7 simple tips you can do to improve your personal brand image.

  1. Stop Doing “Social Media” – Instead just be yourself and actually connect with people. The easiest way to get ignored is to be seen as marketing yourself, if instead you simply connect with your followers or potential followers you will be well on the way to making good connections that can help promote your personal brand later on.
  2. Plan who you want to be – Plan who you’d like to be, what’s the ideal social situation you’d like to be in, or what is it you’d like to be known as. If this is the number #1 sports pundit then write this as your goal, if its to be the most famous bodybuilder in the world then write this, whatever it is, aim high and aim specific.
  3. Start Something Ongoing – As I mentioned in the introduction Gary Vee has a 190 episode long youtube series, this is very time consuming for him but he has a team to help develop the video. If you don’t have those resources, simply make something else yourself. This can be anything but it should be specific to your goals above.
  4. Connect with influencers – Find growing influencers in your industry and connect with them, if they live close to you actually go out and physically meet them. If this isn’t possible then simply have a chat over skype or email.
  5. Call Out Your Brand – This is essentially a growth hacking strategy, but when you are in the presence of bigger channels, whether this be during a guest post on a blog, a podcast or a video make sure you give a shout out to your channel or personal brand itself.
  6. Invest some real time and money – Most people don’t invest any money at all into developing their personal brands as they can’t see the ROI instantly or even in the first couple of years in most cases. What you are aiming to do here is grow your following and become an influencer. The easiest way to do this is invest in ads. Smart youtube or facebook ads will help connect with people already looking for someone like you in their industry.
  7. Never be fake – Never try and be something you’re not. The easiest way to avoid this is to simply get into a niche or industry you are truly passionate about. So even if it doesn’t take off immediately, you still have the drive to continue going because you actually enjoy what you do.

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