6 Conversion Rate Optimisation Tips for Your Website

6-conversion-rate-optimisation-tipsHaving great brand management is only half the battle.

If you can bring new leads or visitors to your website, looking for more information on your products or services, then you’ve done the hard bit! But so many companies don’t take the final step to convert these potential visitors into customers. Below are 6 of the key steps to take to make those slight changes to your website to make more people either call, email or simply purchase what you are offering. Conversions is so important that there is even a conversions conference in London now!

1.) Tel:NUMBER

One of the most basic CRO implementations is to ensure both your mail to and telephone number are both “click to action” for example when searching on mobile devices (which now is greater than desktop search volume) people can click the number and get on the phone with you in seconds. If they have to write this number down or can’t automatically set-up the call (or email) they may just go elsewhere.

2.) Above the Fold

Have all of the key contact information about the fold. This is a given nowadays, similar to the point above, people are very impatient, especially for “need it now” industries or services. This means if they have to search your page for a phone or email, they are likely to just give up and go elsewhere.

3.) About the Customer – Case Studies

Once you have those basics in place it’s time to look into what actually helps convert customers themselves. Individuals or businesses buy products because they solve an issue. For businesses this might be to generate more customers, the original issue being they do not make enough money from the customers they already have. Another key element to integrate is to add case studies of your most profitable clients or customers. If a potential customer visits your website and sees what you have done for a previous client, they are more likely to get in touch. Although these case studies must be believable, otherwise it works in reverse.

4.) Customise Landing Pages

Create a customised landing page for each new strategy or ad that the business is placing. Simply directing traffic to the contact or homepage of a website isn’t the most effective use of your business’s capital. Instead you should be looking to create relevant, highly converting pages for each new ad created. If an advertising method or page isn’t converting well, then simply mix it up.

5.) Re-write every month

If you only have a limited time to spend on your website’s updating each month then its essential to re-read and update the relevant areas. Whether this be the obvious contact information, or the less obvious case studies. It is also important to utilise customer reviews. These can give you a way to add testimonials to your website you thought you would never receive.

6.) Check the Data

At the end of each week/month/day you should be reviewing the data. Both the analytics of the site, as well as any customer testimonials you have about the website. This not only helps you know how your website is converting, but it also helps you understand where to tweak the UX of the site.

andrew6 Conversion Rate Optimisation Tips for Your Website

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