21 Product Branding Ideas for Winter 2016


In this post we’re going to give you 21 ideas for products you can use either as corporate gifts, or just to give to your team in the Winter 2016 period. These can be used year round, although generally convert better in the winter months.

  1. Notepads – Always a classic at year end, still relevant and more importantly useful to both clients and employees.
  2. Calendars – Again very similar at year end but perfect for busy businesses to have in their offices.
  3. Smart Note / Sicky Note Holders – Our range varies from extremely cost effective to high end modern designs for the tech or design industries that want convenience but don’t want to sacrifice style.
  4. Phone Chargers – With the introduction of the Iphone7 and their new charging techniques, having these branded with your company could be a huge selling point to clients and employees alike.
  5. Mini Speakers – Slightly more expensive than your average corporate gift, although more thought-provoking. Given to employees will get some love in return too!
  6. USB Sticks – Useful to almost everyone and the average USB gets in-front of 50+ eyeballs. That’s 50 potential clients.
  7. Tablet Cases – High quality leather bound tablet cases help any business look more professional when visiting a conference.
  8. Folders – Again folders are the old-school version of the tablet cases. If your still using a lot of paper in the office then these are a great idea to implement.
  9. Stainless Steel Paperweights – A great addition to a corporate desk.
  10. Eco-Friendly Stationary – Easy to degrade pens that can be recycled after use.
  11. Re-usable Jute Bags – Perfect to give all of these gifts in. With bags now costing 5p in the UK this is an important addition and recycling and re-usable materials become more popular.
  12. Branded Laptop Bags – Slightly higher unit cost than your average bag, but nowadays most people will only carry their laptops on business trips and to bus conferences. That means your brand is getting in-front of business people that much more frequently.
  13. Wallets – Small thin wallets for bus or train tickets, as well as more stylish leather wallets with a slight branding of your logo, letters or image.
  14. Glass – Branded glassware – Perfect for the office parties as well as sending to relevant clients in specific industries.
  15. The Fountain Pen – A risky but potentially bold move, sending a high quality fountain pen to the CEO of specific companies may be ambitious, but the potential ROI is extraordinary.
  16. Mugs – For the employees to keep them warm during those colder winter months.
  17. Teddy Bears – A child will take their favourite bears everywhere. If your branded bear becomes this favourite you will have a free advertising method that people tend to find cute and unbiased!
  18. Branded Umbrellas – As we know in the UK we don’t have the best weather, but you can take advantage of this with free branded umbrellas!
  19. Penknives – Sending to corporate clients who will find useful as well as stylish is a good way to go. Just ensure you only send to clients that would find this gift useful and not a strange choice.
  20. Hats – Both wool and flatcaps would be a great selection for the rainy, colder months that are coming at the end of the year.
  21. Waterproof garments – Similar to hats, waterproof garments will be used when needed, most people don’t mind what they wear when its pouring down and just have the primary aim of looking to not get wet!

For more ideas check out the branding homepage or the catalogue page.

andrew21 Product Branding Ideas for Winter 2016

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