11 Promotional Product Ideas

Branding your logo on physical products can be a great way to get in front of a wide audience, whether this be at an event or just targeting a local area. Below are 11 physical products that can promote your business for you. You can either offer these free, as samples or paid options.

  1. Pens / Pencils – Probably the oldest known branded product, pens are useful as most people don’t mind what’s on them, if it promotes your company that’s usually not an issue when someone just wants to jot a note down. As a result your brand gets in front of anyone around the area instantly.
  2. Promotional Product IdeasClothing / T-Shirts – Again a commonly used source of free advertising, clothing is a step above pens as generally people look at the clothing you wear, this means your brand gets more eyeballs than if you simply wore a plain top. The additional benefit is you can become a walking billboard for your brand.
  3. Plush toys – This option tends to depend on the industry your in, but plush toys are great as free or paid options for your customers or clients. Kids that receive the toys may hold on to them for years, showing them to many different people in the process!
  4. Bags – Jute bags can easily be branded with a company’s logo or slogan. You can offer these at £1 or £5 and sales are generally very good for this type of product.
  5. Mugs – Another relatively common promotional product, the best use of branded mugs is as an add-on product, such as in a gift set. Also mugs can be highly profitable with a confident following, e.g. A West-end show.
  6. Caps / Hats – The primary position for your corporate information (on the top of someone else), this leads to the highest number of eyeballs and hence the product price should be slightly lower to entice sales.
  7. Chairs / Furniture – This is for a modern, corporate brand that is looking to promote stylishly when a prospect is walking through their office, this creates a “team” feel too.
  8. Keyrings – A very common promotional item, but this is due to the effectiveness of these. A well made keyrings can stay with someone for almost a decade! Getting in front of a number of eyeballs in that time.
  9. Notepads / Paper weights – Stylish paper weights or branded notepads can be used at any time and by anyone, you never know who your brand will be in-front of with a simple note.
  10. Memory Sticks – These are the modern day equivalent to branded pens, although you might not whip out a memory stick at every opportunity, it’s usually in important situations, such as before a presentation, this is an easy and non-intrusive way to promote your brand. Also individuals are mor11 promotional product idease likely to pay £5-£10 for a memory stick than any other item.
  11. Corporate Gifts – The higher end promotional products, such as branded wine sets, corkscrews or non alcoholic options. These are not for everyone and should only be sent to high end clients or prospects.

Whatever items you decide, ensure your brand is clearly visible and the quality of the product is high. You don’t want your brand being featured on a low quality item.

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